Summer is here

Summer is upon us! So stay cool with an outdoor shower or re-zen your indoor bath for a cool airy space all your own! With custom bath fixtures, tubs, hardware and accessories Whatever your flavor…

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Keep in mind with personal space

When creating a space all your own, you must be selfish.  Aesthetics of the masses are not something to worry yourself with.  Only delightful things you find exciting should fill the space.  Things that may…

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Zen soaking

The Japanese Soaking tub or “Ofuro,” is a centuries old proven method to relieve stress and tension. The Japanese tub being short postured and steep sided, stands in difference to western baths and their traditional…

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Core principles of Dream-Theme

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Main secrets of Dream-Theme

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How to design a perfect business card

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Spinoza Single-Hole Kitchen Faucet

  • FINISH: brushed nickel
  • INSTALLATION TYPE: single-hole
  • FAUCET CENTERS: single-hole
  • HANDLE TYPE: lever
  • FEATURES: pull-down
  • DESIGN: modern